RCCG Redhill Tabernacle
Covid-19 Update

RCCG Redhill Tabernacle Church Reopening FAQs

NB: Please if you have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or you are awaiting the outcome of a COVID-19 swab test or you had a positive COVID-19 swab test or you have a household member with COVID-19 infection, please do not come to church until these are resolved.


Will there be communal hand sanitisers available for use during services?

Answer: Yes.

I am worried about people walking too close to me, will there be one-way systems in place?

Answer: Yes.

Can you guarantee that there will always be soap in the toilet during services?

Answer: Yes.

Some people might have a high temperature and not know, will be using body temp gauges for people as they come in?

Answer: No (NB. Not within the guidelines & highly subjective measure). A non-touch thermometer may be held on the premises. Based on the government advise people showing symptoms of COVID-19 are advised to stay away.

Will there be a professional deep clean of the church premises before it reopens for services?

Answer: Yes. (including professional fumigation).

The church can get quite cramped during services and it will be difficult to implement social distancing. How will the church be rearranged or set up to ensure that the social distancing rules are adhered to?

Answer: Many chairs are removed to create the needed spacing.

Can you show us pictures of the new layout that allow us to ensure social distance?

Answer: Yes.

How often will be church be cleaned once it reopens?

Answer: Cleaned in-between services and the at the end of the day.

How does the church plan on reducing walking around the during services?

Answer: Shorter services and congregant education.

I am worried about touching the offering baskets, will there be other ways to pay our offerings and tithes?

Answer: Yes, the online payment options.

How can the church guarantee that there will be no more than 50 people in the main auditorium per service?

Answer: Chairs are reduced to 45 in the auditorium. Preparations are in place for multiple services with attendant pre-registration.

If more than 50 adults turn up to one service, how will the church handle that?

Answer: Extra seats will be available for first timers and the Middle Room behind will be used as overflow, still maintaining social distancing.

Will there be a survey going out to the members to find out if people are happy to come back?

Answer: Quite several people have already confirmed that they are willing to come. However, a survey is out about the service options. The online streaming will also continue.

I have 3 kids and will like to come to church with them, will there be adequate measures taken to ensure social distancing in main hall and the children’s department?

Answer: Yes (All measures as advised by government, single entry, and exit, spacing, multiple services). Certain seats are set out for families.

The Middle room is quite small for the number of kids they have so how many children will be allowed in their service at the time?

Answer: 20 children. Children under 6 years will remain with their parents in the main hall.

What happens if I am in the main service and Main hall is full and no longer taking children? Will I have to leave the church with my children?

Answer: Pre-registration for the services addresses this. Event registration system will be used for this. Adults and their children are allocated to the same service time the schedule.

Will there still be an online church even after the church reopens.

Answer: Yes.

When is the church planning on reopening its doors?

Answer: Sunday, 2nd August 2020 (Government approval is from Saturday, 4th July 2020).

Are all workers mandated to come to church?

Answer: Workers are never mandated as our services as workers are rendered free willingly. Workers will be encouraged to come if they feel comfortable to do so. The church is working to show the safety systems in place as reassurance.

How does the church aim to find someone who has attended church and know they have the Coronavirus?I have been classed as someone in the vulnerable category by the government, but I feel fine and I have not gotten any symptoms. Can I still come to church when it reopens?

Answer: All church members are encouraged to follow all government guidelines, just as the church also seeks to do. Clinically extremely vulnerable people are still advised by the government to “shield” in their homes until 31st July 2020.

My sister is a vulnerable person and has been isolating. The family have also been told to isolate. Do you think it is okay for me to come to church, I have not been ill?

Answer: All the church members are advised to follow the government guidelines. “Isolating” is a term used with different connotation from “Shielding”. The circumstances necessitating isolation are not just that being a vulnerable (clinically extremely vulnerable) person. In any case, if your family has been asked to “isolate”, you should not come to church.

Is there an age range that can come to church or is everyone allowed to come?

Answer: The government guidelines do not include age restrictions. Only people with underlying health conditions are advised to shield at home. So, we are not imposing any age restrictions. This may change if the government guidelines change.

I have not seen my friends in 3 months, may I hug them when I see them?

Answer: No – social distancing expected.

Will the church let people know not to touch or hug anyone when in church in line with social distancing rules?

Answer: Yes.

There is no ventilation in the church auditorium, youth church or children’s church, how does the church aim in ventilating?

Answer: Use of air Fans.

Can you guarantee that there will be masks for every member that attends church service?

Answer: Church will encourage individuals to come with masks and those who do not have are to be given by the church.